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I've been a serious photographer for a loong time, all my adult life, and I know a good print when I see one, and when I make one. I'm getting results now that surpass the prints that I got out of my enlarger — no kidding. Nothing goes out my door if it has a flaw or doesn't meet my high standards. Some of my prints are from very high resolution scans from 4x5 or medium format film, others from my Nikon DSLRs, some from other digital cameras. Most of my recent work is from Sony A7Rii bodies (standard and infrared) with carefully selected lenses. I won't push a print larger than the resolution I have available to make a good print; sizes that won't look good are not available for purchase.

If you are in any way disappointed, I'll refund you as soon as you return the print. You're protected by your credit card when you buy online, but you won't ever need to hassle with making a claim. Just send it back if you want. You've got 14 days to decide. This policy is on record with my merchant bank. I'm thrilled with the quality of the prints I'm making; you will be too.