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Framed Prints


Photo by Mike Johnston, THE ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHER. The photos in the series are available individually, as shown, but this series is now printed on one long piece of paper as a limited edition print, "Four Squares, Vermont"

I've generally liked to print things pretty big, and of course I don't like to ship framed work with a big piece of glass. I won't do it. But lately I've started framing up some little prints in smaller frames, and I feel brave enough to ship those.

The format of these pieces is ten inches by something. I'm doing 10 x 10 square frames, 10 x 12 and 10 x 14 rectangles, and also panoramas. During the pandemic I've been working up intimate "semi panoramas," which are sometimes more intimate compositions that are suited to smaller frames.

I'm using the same solid maple natural finish frames and high quality anti reflective glass I use in my larger pieces and archival matting materials.

I suppose I could print just about anything small and frame it in these little frames, but I'm starting out with images and compositions that are suited for the small size. I've got some hanging in Long River Gallery in White River Junction and I'll be getting more out the door into the Leage of NH Crafts galleries this fall of 2021, and then I'll put some up on this site. Pricing is much lower than my larger framed prints, from $90 for a 10 x 10 framed piece up to $160 for a 10 x 22 inch piece. Check them out in a gallery or email me with a request for me to frame up something and ship it to you. And stay tuned for a gallery with buttons to buy, coming eventually.