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John Lehet in front of individually framed prototype for "Four Squares, Vermont," at exhibit.


My photos have been with private collectors since 1981.

Certainly the largest permanent collection of my work is currently hanging in every guest room of the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway, New Hampshire. There are 300 prints there, half of them 19 x 19. They are all archival pigment ink prints hanging behind Tru Vue AR glass in black wood frames. (note: the Red Jacket Inn is currently (2022) closed because of a fire, and half those photos were burned.)

Recently 11 prints have been added to the permanent collection of the Boston Athanaeum. This collection is described in this blog post. The collection at the Athenaeum is on their site here.

Three of the Athanaeum's photos were on display through the spring and summer in their show, in Boston: "New England on Paper: Contemporary Art in the Boston Athenæum's Prints and Photographs Collections." This is a really good show, well curated and full of good work. I am proud to be in such good company. John Lehet's Photos Collected by the Boston Athanaeum John Lehet's Photos Collected by the Boston Athanaeum