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Ordering Prints

Ordering from the site with a credit card should be pretty easy, or you can email with any questions or interest.

Satisfaction with any photo is covered by my guarantee. I will promptly give a full refund upon receiving the print back if you don't think the print is fantastic.

Shipping is included with the price of the print. For international orders, please use the appropriate button, which covers the additional shipping cost.

Prices shown are for printed-area as sized. Prints are on larger paper than the size shown, to facilitate mounting and framing. Unless stated, prints are not matted, but check for smaller sized prints that are mounted and covered with archival rag mat to be ready to frame in standard sizes. In those cases the description in the buy button will state both the print size and mat size and say they are ready to frame. I'm now adding these prints to the purchase system, so if you don't see a matted option, email me.

Please email me if you have any trouble with the cart system or any questions at all, or any requests. I carefully print each print; don't hesitate to ask anything before or after ordering.

Prints are available to license for book covers, cd art, etc.

I add photos and change this site and organization very actively. If you check back weekly I'll promise there's a good chance of at least a new photo; I try images out on my Photo of the Week photo blog before they're officially here or for sale. Also prints are sometimes pulled to make room for new ones.

email me if you're interested in a an image in another size, if you want to talk about paper surface and toning, or anything else I can do for you.

Paper Choices:

Some prints are described specifically as silver gelatin (wet darkroom) prints in the prices of the "buy a print" button, and those are rare and more expensive. Mostly I do my own printing on an Epson P 7000 printer with archival pigment inks, and I use a variety of papers. Generally the paper choice will be mine, and it is a careful choice. I use the best fine art papers, usually by Canson and in one case, Epson. If you are curious about paper choice or you would like to work with me on this, email me.

In some cases I like to use a more textured paper, Canson Aquarella Rag Watercolor paper at the most extreme end. Canson Edition Etching is one of my favorite papers for many things -- not as textured as the watercolor paper, with beautiful rich colors, great detail, and nice texture. Canson Photo Rag is another matte paper I like, with less texture, just a bit of tooth, and beautiful qualities. As another matte paper, I often like Epson's Hot Press Natural fine art paper -- this paper is used for many of my infrared prints as it is a bit quieter in the highlights. And then Canson's Baryta paper is often the choice for color fidelity, sharpest detail, and the overall look of an old time baryta black and white darkroom silver gelatin paper (though I use it for color as well). Limited Edition prints in an edition are on the paper they are on for the edition, so that is not optional. Otherwise, please contact me if you have any opinion or preference.

Prints are signed on the front, but if you prefer I can sign it on the back; let me know in an email as you order.

I don't like to ship framed prints (especially since I like to use relatively expensive glass), but I can ship matted prints as well as the default just-prints. I can try shipping framed and with glass, insured, if you'd really like that. Most of the matted prices you'll find with "buy" buttons on the site are for smallish bagged flip-bin sized prints and mats, usually up to 16 x 20 but mostly smaller. If you'd like a bigger print mounted and matted in archival rag mat board, please email me to request it. I always use acid free rag mat. I favor white or slightly-creamy-white, which is what I have in stock. I do that for consistency. Again, if you'd like to try something wild, like gray, let me know.