Web Work

I have been in web design for almost 25 years now. Over these years I worked in several different aspects of coding, designing, and strategizing for countless web sites, working for funky artists as well as for large organizations:

My current work balance is tilted more toward photography these days, but I would still consider a web project or relationship. While I do work with WordPress, my skills are especially suited to working with hand-designed, hand-coded responsive sites. I find a WordPress site can indeed be attractive and successful, but it requires more client involvement than usually conceived as a popular notion, and more work overall than the "instant site" view that some might have. A WordPress site can be developed and populated very quickly, but for success a site requires some care, thought, and ongoing relationship by both the client and the developer.

  • Work experience:
  • as the one responsible for the web presence for several facets of a multi million dollar corporation (The American Skiing Company), designing and maintaining the main corporate website as well as being the primary designer/webmaster for its flagship resort, Killington, for a number of years. Additionally I was designer and webmaster for The Canyons resort web site, the designer for the Grand Summit Resort site, and various other projects for the company and resorts.
  • I have worked for a couple of colleges: On various projects for different departments and grad schools at Dartmouth College, including work for the Thayer School of Engineering and the Tuck Business School, research departments, and the Hopkins Center. I also have worked on a template for the main site of Colby Sawyer College, and implemented an online store for them.
  • I have worked for several non-profits designing their sites, maintaining them, and training in-house staff to take over the maintenance. These sites include The Vermont Institute of Natural Science, The Vermont Crafts Council, The Upper Valley Land Trust, The Monadnock Conservancy, and others.
  • Of course I've helped many individuals realize their print and web-based design goals – from small business owners to artists and crafts-people.
I've enjoyed working in all these capacities.

I can be flexible. I like to listen to a client's needs, and also think about what the the end-users will want and need from it. I love to work elbow-to-elbow with a client to refine designs and to craft solutions.

I'm very comfortable with all modern web tools and situations, from Content Management Systems to hand-coded pages. I use web-enhanced text editors for html and CSS work. Photoshop is one of my greatest strengths; I use it extensively for design as well as polishing content. I have continued to push the envelope in CSS coding for the last several years. I also employ Adobe's Illustrator and Corel's Painter from time to time. I no longer do Flash development, but I can work with HTML canvas to do many of those kind of interactive sites.

Skills include and extend beyond:

  • Design effectively and efficiently closing in on a custom look for a project. I work in Photoshop and Illustrator first, to quickly sketch ideas and let creative ideas flow. Then I work on the next part:
  • Standards Based Web Layout – using modern techniques of web coding to assure the maximum in cross-browser compatibility, forward compatibility, Search Engine Optimization, and accessibility. (Of course I have so many pages on line that there is a lot of legacy code, including on many parts of this site!)
  • Content Management Systems: I have actually developed a database-to-web-page system that I still use for the Vermont Crafts Council and for my own photgraphs. This helps me create pages quickly from complex sets of data. I've also used the Pivot content management system quite a lot, having designed for it and worked as webmaster for sites using it. I am also working with Drupal.
  • CSS layout and modification: Cascading Style Sheets are a deep and powerful tool in modern web design. I like to use CSS so that sites can be updated and changed easily, as well as maximizing standards compliance.
  • Legacy Code: Having worked at this since before there were any graphical design applications, I'm comfortable working with tables and other rats-nest style code. I can work on your legacy site without quivering and moaning at all.
  • Wordpress — Much work is with Wordpress these days of course. I make child themes to make Wordpress sites that are responsive, and which look like regular static sites. Of course I can do bare bones Wordpress installs too, and help set that up.