Photoshop Work

I learned Photoshop in the early nineties, starting with version 1 (or was it 2?). I've moved up with every version and learned, adapting to the expanding feature set and new workflows and capabilities. I use photoshop for my own photography work, as well as for web and print design and application interface design for myself and others. Often.

Some of the pieces in my portfolio page are jobs that were just photoshop jobs — doing the image work for a site. I've also been hired to work on just images of all kinds. I've also enjoyed tutoring photographers in Photoshop and Lightroom. While I enjoy designing with applications in every different aspect of my work-realm, somehow I've especially taken to photoshop. Hence this dedicated page, and my offer to work for you with any aspect of my photoshop skills, from teaching to hands-on image work for web, print, or interface design.

Lately most of the work I do in Photoshop is invisible and subtle. When Ansel Adams worked on a photographic print in the darkroom, he really worked on it a lot. But his goal, which he always achieved, was that it didn't look like he had worked on it at all. It looked natural. Little things -- color balance, contrast control, burning and dodging; in the past I aspired to do fancy stuff in photoshop, but now my skill is even better, and I am simple and invisible.