Interface Design

work on large projects subject to availability
-fix-ups, icons, logos, small graphics, and other help are always available.

I'm developing for iOS these days. Not surprisingly, given my history, I'm better at interface work & design elements than Objective C. Though I can work to some extent in many programming environments, graphics and design are my primary skillset. If you are better at coding but need some help with UI, I may be available to hire or collaborate. I know my way around XCode, know app requirements. After I've got a few of my own apps in the store, I'll hang out my shingle as an objective C coder as well. For now, I'm available for UI work for hire.

I recently had a stretch developing the interface basis of a (ruby on rails) web application, which is now a commercial project. I worked on shaping the complex application from a formless mass of data into a user friendly application that received venture capital funding at the point of my involvement. The application is currently for sale by a real company with a payroll: Core Value