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John Lehet Fine Photography

Based in Vermont, John Lehet has been creating fine art photographic prints since 1980. More on John...

There are a lot of ways to view the collection of images on the site. Here are some single images pointing to pages of collections sorted by theme. To buy a print, click the link under the print.

Buy Vermont Art Promo Logo

I'm participating in the Buy Vermont Art Promotion through the Vermont Craft Council. This is a limited time offer. My promotion is that if you buy one print (framed, matted, or pure-print), a second item of equal or less value will be half price. This also applies to purchases in Long River Gallery, which is also participating. To get the deal from my site, you'll need to email me after the first purchase and then I'll create a half price buy button for the second item. Sorry about the extra work, but it's nice to hear from you, and I'm not inclined to spend the time on fancy JavaScript for this limited time promo.

Waterlilly After Rain

Black and White

Spring Cornfield, Hay Field, Clouds, Hartland Vermont


Photos by Color

Blue and Purple, Red to Pink, Yellow Gold and Orange, Green -- Photos sorted by their predominant color

Yellow Apple in New Ice and Birch Reflections 2015, Dawn

Blue to Purple

Birches and Gold Woods

Yellow, Gold, and Orange

Pickerelweed with Flower, Mist, Post Pond


Orange and Scarlet Begonias Through Drenched Screen

Red and Pink

Broken Boat, Norway

New on the Site This Year

One Cow, Thirteen Hay Bales, Iceland

Vast or Intimate Panoramas

White Peony and Dew, Square


Frosted Sunflower


Photos by Season

Back and White, Infrared, All the Colors -- each season on a page

Dicentra and Fiddlehead, Spring Green


Birch with Sunstar in Yellow Wood, Panorama


Dune Fence with Soft Footprints


Rose Hips in Snow


Near and Far: Places

Two broad categories represented below, but the themes page has more specific destinations. Close to home, and way far away.

White Mountains, Swift River and Rocks

New England

Stupa Cleaner, Dawn, Boudhanath, 2013


Another Kind of Close and Far

I spend a lot of time with my camera quite close to things, and of course I've always been mainly a landscape photographer. My close ups are still a kind of landscape, as I try to use the canvas to create a world for the eye and mind..

Garlic Scape by Raubritter Pink Roses

Up Close

Fog After Ice Storm, Vermont


Water: Fluid and Solid

Wave, Beach, Mist, Hawaii


 Oak Leaf and Hemlock in Spring Ice, Vermont 2014


Dew on Garlic Scape, Black and White

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